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It is understandable that many people associated Canary Wharf with the financial and business sector. This is how the area has made its name in recent years and it is known throughout the world for being home to some of the biggest brands and financial institutions. For many years, Canary Wharf was abuzz during working hours but at the weekends or late in the evening, the area would be empty, with the employees back home in their residential areas.

Canary Wharf has changed in recent times though and it is becoming an area where people live as well as work. This can be seen in the emerging stores and shops providing services and if you find yourself in Canary Wharf outside of office hours, there is much more life and energy. You can see why there has been demand for residential property in this part of the capital. A lot of people want to live close to their work, as this saves them time and makes for a more convenient life. Also, there is a high level of demand for property on the River Thames so it was almost inevitable that this area would one day become a key hub for life in London. At one point, Canary Wharf was known for having 100,000 professionals but no residents but this is changing. Canary Wharf Estate Agent specialise in Canary Wharf property lettings and sales of all manner of properties including flats, studios, maisonettes houses and apartments.

Canary Wharf is evolving

It is perhaps though, a surprise how quickly the property market in Canary Wharf has evolved. The first wave of developments was ushered in Wood Wharf, which is now referred to as The Canary Wharf Estate with over 3,000 new homes in the area. The cost of these properties ranged from £585,000 to £1.2m, providing some flexibility with whom the area would be targeted to. 10 Park Drive is another aspect of The Canary Wharf Estate and this development aims to bring over 300 apartments to the area in 2019. With prices starting at below £400,000; there is a desire to reach out to the wide range of professionals who work in the Canary Wharf area. There are significant Canary Wharf Property Investment Opportunities available and Morgan Randall Can assist with your enquiries.

With the Crossrail development nearing completion, there will be new options for Canary Wharf based employees to travel to and from the area, but this is also an argument for living in the area. The new rail links will make it easier for people living in Canary Wharf to explore the rest of London at night or at weekends, which could be extremely appealing to people who are new to London (either from abroad or the rest of the UK) because of their work.

While developments within Canary Wharf are taking shape at great speed, areas within walking distance of Canary Wharf are also trying to capitalise on the demand for property in this area. Even areas on the other side of the river, such as the Greenwich Peninsula and Greenwich itself, can market themselves as being suitable for Canary Wharf residents. The availability of transport options will ensure that there is a wide range of residential options to consider for people looking to stay close to their place of work. Should you be looking to let your Canary Wharf property, Morgan Randall can help, along with securing quality student accommodation in Canary Wharf.

If you thought that Canary Wharf was just about the financial sector and a collection of the tallest building in the city, you may need to take another look at what the area has to offer.

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