Canary Wharf Penthouses - For Sale and Rental

The lure of a Canary Wharf Penthouse can be irresistible, and the thought of owning or renting one of the highest status penthouses in the UK has an obvious attraction. The glamour, the glitz, even just the postcode of a Canary Wharf Penthouse can be enough to get most people's hearts racing. Ever since development started in Canary Wharf in the late 1980's, the 1.6 million sq ft of office and retail space that affords jobs to well over 100,000 people, it was recognised that housing would be required at all levels, and the top tier Canary Wharf Penthouses were and are the almost literal icing on the cake.

Firstly, what is a Penthouse? In the strictest sense of the meaning it is a dwelling at the very top of or side of a building, usually furnished to the very highest standards - certainly the case with a Canary Wharf penthouse for sale or rent. Many high rise developments have given ample opportunities to developers to really 'go to town' with Canary Wharf Penthouses, with prices well over a £1 million not unusual. Offering the very highest standards of fixtures and fittings, stunning views and panoramas as well as easy access to Canary Wharf, Penthouses in the area are sought after investment opportunities as well as rentals or for outright purchase.

Canary Wharf Penthouses - The Ultimate in Luxury Living?

Canary Wharf Penthouse

It has to be said that aspiring to own, rent and live in a Canary Wharf penthouse holds a certain cache and statement, as well as the intoxicating views and convenient lifestyle afforded by these stylish and stunning Canary Wharf properties. Offering light and space, some with panoramic ceilings and wall to floor windows, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom penthouses is Canary Wharf present a style and statement that little in London can match.

Canary Wharf Penthouse Prices

Leading Canary Wharf Estate Agent Morgan Randall has vast experience in the slze and rental, short, medium or long term or Canary Wharf penthouses and can offer advice on locations, sizes and styles to suit appropriate budgets. Modern and well equipped kitchens, stylish bathrooms, air conditioning and car parking are often pre-requisites of any potential buyer. You can view a small selection of our Canary Wharf properties here.

Canary Wharf Penthouses for sale or rent are available in the following areas:

  • Discovery Dock
  • City Island
  • Lincoln Plaza E14
  • Discovery Dock West
  • Charrington Tower
  • South Quay Plaza
  • Discovery Dock East
  • The Wardian
  • Pan Peninsula
  • Boardwalk Place
  • Maine Tower
  • Seacon Tower
  • Ability Place
  • Wharfside Point
  • Cobalt Point
  • Millharbour, South Quay
  • Baltimore Wharf
  • City Tower
  • Ontario Tower
  • New Providence Wharf
  • Zenith Basin, Limehouse
  • Caspian Wharf
  • Apollo Tower
  • Sail Court, Virginia Quay
  • Galaxy Building, Crews Street
  • Telegraph Place
  • Mariners Mews
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Park Vista Tower
  • Kelday Heights
  • Beacon Point
  • Capital East
  • Royal Docks

Canary Wharf Penthouse Specifications

Where do we start? Such is the myriad of penthouse properties available to buy in Canary Wharf, and with each having being meticulously planned in their design, specifications vary enormously. But this is positive, as no 2 Canary Wharf properties are the same. It can make shortlisting the properties for viewing fun,and the inspection process even more fun.

Balconies, skylights, kitchens, air conditioning, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms all come together to create a unique experience for the penthouse buyer or those looking to rent. Views and exact locations also play a part, as well as budget of course. Enjoy the experience with Morgan Randall, Canary Wharf estate agent.

Roof gardens, Gym, Concierge, Parking, Whats on your list?

Pre-requisites of these elite properties, Canary Wharf Penthouses must include some of the above specifications for discerning buyers. Considering what is most important to you is key to selecting your desired penthouse in Canary Wharf. There may well be some properties offering most of your tick list requirements, there may be others that are a compromise in some areas. For example:

  • Canary Wharf Penthouse Views - just ho important is this to you? The O2 arena makes a lovely backdrop, as does some of the most stunning cityscapes anywhere in the world, lit at night for your enjoyment.
  • Roof gardens - naturally limited in number across Canary Wharf, and expect to pay a premium for the opportunity to have drinks and dine alfresco. Canary Wharf Estate Agent Morgan Randall has a fine selection of canary Wharf penthouses for sale and rental which may help you with your choices.
  • The Gym - a key element of modern life to many, and most canary Wharf penthouses have access and use of luxury private gyms. It is simply about where this feature sits in your list of lifestyle requirements.
  • The Car - big boys toys and often they can't stand to be separated from them for any length of time. Then there are others who relish the ease of public transport in Canary Wharf in London and the thought of commuting around the Capital by actually driving is abhorrent. Again, horses [or cars] for courses. The stable for many men's stallion is a key consideration.