Introducing the "Better Tenant Guarantee"

"Better Tenant Guarantee" has been launched to show our commitment to our clients and to demonstrate confidence in the services we offer and our ability to attract better tenants. Traditionally, Landlords would pay the Agent for introducing a Tenant and from this point on, the Tenant is the Landlord"s responsibility. If the Tenant left early or was evicted, the Landlord would lose the fee paid to the Agent and what"s more, would have to pay another fee to the Agent to introduce the replacement Tenant. The Landlord has had to carry all the risk for the Tenant the Agent has introduced. Today there are many products available in the market which give the Landlord some form of insurance for things such as loss of rent, damage to property and legal costs associated with any evictions however, the one thing that the Landlord always forfeits is the fees paid to the Agent. Industry standards dictate that fees are due for the "Introduction" of the Tenant and Agents cannot guarantee the tenancy in any way however, with the economy in its current form and financial matters being at the heart of the nations woes, tenants are increasingly finding themselves in difficult situations when being faced with cost cutting measures and redundancies in their employment amongst other factors. Unfortunately no matter how thorough the reference checks are and how sound the Tenant seems, circumstances can always change and this is something that is impossible to avoid. Our continual enhancements towards perfecting the service we provide our clients has lead to the introduction of "The Better Tenant Guarantee" to assure our clients that we understand today"s climate and that we are committed to providing an industry leading fair and transparent offering.