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Debate and discussion about whether the north or the south of the Thames is the preferred option has been around for as long as people have lived on both sides of the river. The nature of the debate may have changed throughout the years but in the present day, this is a very serious and pertinent question. With the London property market being what it is and the scale of investment required to buy good property in the capital, there is a need for investors and families to seriously consider their options.

The choice between north and south of the Thames may have a massive impact on a person's happiness or what sort of return they get. Personal opinion will always have a part of play in a final decision but it may be that some areas of London are more appealing than others.

North London

The diversity of residential options and areas to the north of the river will ensure that there is always a level of demand for property in this part of the city.


While there will always be some criticism about Shoreditch and the perceived image the area has, the level of demand for property in this area indicates that many people are looking to buy or rent here. With new developments adding more options to the traditional lofts and converted warehouses, Shoreditch is appealing to a wider range of people, families and investors ever before. This will ensure the development of Shoreditch continues apace but the area looks set to retain its urban identity, which is after all one of the most appealing traits of the area.

Canary Wharf

In paper terms, Canary Wharf is almost the polar opposition of Shoreditch. That area of north London is bohemian and artistic, welcoming people of all backgrounds and interests. Canary Wharf is regarded as being one of the leading financial and business areas, not just of London or indeed Europe, but of the world. However, Canary Wharf is also changing and evolving.

With an increasing level of demand for residential options close to the business hubs and centres, new developments are emerging all the time. Alongside with flats and properties, Canary Wharf is welcoming new businesses, creating more of a community feel to the area. Canary Wharf no longer closes down on the weekend or after the post-work drinkers have left, this is an area that is creating a buzz at all hours, making it suitable for people looking to set up home in the area.

South London

For some people, south London will always be home while for others, it represents a massive step into the unknown. As you'd expect, there is a broad range of areas to choose from but there are many areas on the up that are benefitting from development work or a reappraisal of what is on offer.

Greenwich, London

The Greenwich Peninsula is a perfect example of a modern city development looking to offer more than just housing. Handily located for Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Stretford and so many parts of the city thanks to the tube and DLR, Greenwich Peninsula has also opened its doors to artists and the creative media.

This is the sort of development that will ensure there is a vibrant and exciting lifestyle for residents to enjoy. Shoreditch is currently trying to balance its artistic flair with a high demand for property but in areas like Greenwich Peninsula, this balance is being created by adding additional artistic merit and showcases to new developments.

When considering whether north or south is more suitable for you, take the time to consider not only development work but transport plans too. Crossrail is a topic that has engaged Londoners for many years but even though the first wave of the project is nearly upon us, there are future plans that may cause people to think differently about north and south London.

Crossrail 2

While the first wave of Crossrail has focused on connecting the east and west of the capital, Crossrail 2 is said to have more of a focus on joining up north and south of the river. Running from Hampton Court in the South west to Alexandra Palace in the north east, many areas will benefit and travelling across London will become easier.

It is important to think about your north and south options but with areas like Wimbledon, Tooting Broadway and Clapham Junction being more readily linked to Angel, Dalston, Hackney, Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters, it should be easier to get to places where you are supposed to be.

Whether you are looking at areas like Shoreditch or Canary Wharf in the north of the city, there should be better connectivity which may make it easier for you to choose a location based on price or additional features.

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