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The choice of properties for sale in London is as vast in choice as the residents and cultures that exist in England's capital city. There is a level of diversity in the range of London property for sale that is often overlooked in the rush to blanket label the London property market as a single entity. If you are looking for a particular quality and style, the scale and diversity of London property for sale may surprise you.

It’s inevitable that a lot of focus will fall on the financial capital and City of London. This is an area on the rise and there are many new developments evolving. The area has been transformed and what was formerly a barren land in the evenings and at the weekends is now an exciting place to socialise and simply ‘hang out’ in. Of course, the average London property for sale price in the EC4 postcode is £903,635 (which is more than 57% above the London average), so the property prices reflect the style of property, the convenience of the London property and the demand for properties in this area.

The most expensive London property prices can be eye-watering. Consider properties for sale in Canary Wharf - a potentially higher initial investment but also an excellent property investment opportunity.

Of course, even the City of London prices pale in comparison with the W8 postcode, Kensington, with an average property price of £2,289,999. This is a figure that is close to 300% above the London average. The terrace properties in this area ensure that Kensington streets are the most expensive in the whole of the UK.

This isn’t the full story of London though; there are affordable areas where young professionals and families can set up home. A more reasonable reflection on London property for sale can be found in locations like theE1 postcode. The average property price is more affordable than the average London property prices.

The high prices are the ones that catch the eye in London but it is the diversity of the market, and the demand to live in London that ensures London property for sale is continually thriving. This is a vibrant market that has shown sustained growth and development and even with economic and political influence on the market, people want to live in the London.

The very best London property for sale means different things to different people. A professional looking for a home for them, their partner and their kids, or even their hoped-for future children, will have very different ideas about London property compared to a student or even a London professional. London is a huge draw because of the opportunities it provides and the fact that whether you are considering work, entertainment or social-engagement, London has something for everyone. This is also the case when it comes to London property for sale.

When it comes to property prices in the United Kingdom, virtually the entire country moans about London and the South-East of England skewing the average property price upwards but there is also a large variance of prices in the London area. The average property for sale in London price at £574,534 but clearly there are some areas with much more expensive property than this and much more affordable property.

Property or house, studio and apartments for sale in London. Morgan Randall, London and Canary Wharf Estate Agents specialise in houses, flats, maisonettes and studios.

With many years experience in the housing and property market, we have an enviable list of properties currently for sale. Morgan Randall have offices in Canary Wharf and Shoreditch and these are naturally areas of London where we have a very strong presence.

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Morgan Randall currently have available 1, 2 and 3 bed houses, studios and apartments in Canary Wharf and Shoreditch London. Our experienced team of professionals are ready to receive your enquiry by telephone or e-mail and to arrange a viewing at your convenience. Not necessarily confined to office hours, we will accommodate your ideal times to view any of our properties.

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