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Dishwasher     |     February 26 2018

How To: Properly Load Your Dishwasher

  Now, it’s one of those chores that we try to avoid at all costs. It beats washing up, but when it comes to loading those dirty dishes we’ve stockpiled all week – or maybe you’re one of those cooks that uses every…

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Dishwasher     |     March 06 2018

How to: clean and maintain your dishwasher (by topping up the salt and rinse aid)

  The dishwasher is often a homeowner’s best friend, and for good reason. After all, they take in all of our dirty dishes, clean away all the remains of our hearty dinner, cups of tea, and delicious desserts, then give us a little…

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Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm     |     March 06 2018

How to: test your fire alarm

Around the UK, there are on average 140 house fires a day. To maximise your chances of early detection and help you safely put out the fire before it causes a problem, fire alarms are an essential piece of kit. We know many of our tenants at…

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