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As a landlord or freeholder, you have the responsibility to your residents to ensure that everything is up to scratch when they move in.

You must also deal with any issues quickly while they live in your property.

Unfortunately, your efforts to uphold your end of the bargain can often be scuppered by external forces. Tradespeople are not only often very busy, their work can easily involve setbacks that may impact upon the next job - if you've ever hired anyone that has turned up late, you'll know full well of the adverse, knock-on effect.

Whether you let or have your property managed through us or not, Morgan Randall are here to help. Through our deep industry knowledge and longstanding ties within the London property market, we know the best London home repairs companies, contractors and individuals in the city. We have in-house teams at our disposal, as well as fully vetted, fully insured contractors on our books, who can help you with everything from EPC to assembling a flatpack, or can be round to help your tenants as quick as a flash. Each of our London handymen and women are highly skilled and work with the utmost of professionalism. They're also very friendly!


The full list of services that our property contractor service includes is as follows:


Whether for burst pipes and leaks, or for installing dishwashers and washing machines, our plumbers are reliable and efficient


If you're doing some work on your home and need a few sockets moving around or things refitted, then we'll get an electrician out to you swiftly


Cleaning before or after tenancies are a must, but cleaners may also be needed for things like bad spillages or when work is taking place on the house


If you have a flatpack or an antique, we can get someone out to you to help. Assembling furniture can be dangerous if undertaken alone

Morgan Randall Maintenance Team

Our maintenance team can be on hand to help you, or your tenants, with any maintenance issues that may arise, at any time.

Morgan Randall Inventory Team

Our dedicated inventory team make sure that all of the furniture, appliances and other items that you own in your property are present and undamaged by the end of the tenancy.

With such an all-encompassing service and no obligations when it comes to prior letting or management with Morgan Randall, now is a perfect time to take advantage of our fantastic property contractor service.

Wherever you are in London, or whatever property you own, we'll certainly be able to help.

Painting. Decorating. Plumbing. Refurbishing.

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