Residential Block Management

Our expertise extends across the field of letting and we specialise just as much in London residential block management as we do in lettings for individual houses.

Whether you own a group of new builds being used for various purposes or a set of grand Georgian townhouses, our wide-ranging knowledge is at your disposal for all of your block management needs.

Freehold and leasehold buildings are legally more complex affairs than average properties, as they often encompass the needs and rights of other owners, as well as renters. As such, you are obliged to offer a range of services that you would not do in the letting of a home - whether you have come into your building or buildings, or are a London developer with blocks up and down the city, we can help you with the maintenance, legal issues and planning ahead that comes with owning everything from a straightforward residential block of flats to a skyscraper!


We have dedicated and experienced block managers who are capable of handling blocks of different varieties, a maintenance team and contractors that are on hand to help with any upkeep that is needed.

Whether you let through Morgan Randall or not, we can ably manage your residential block. We have longstanding relationships with London freeholders and London developers that have allowed us all the expertise necessary to cater for blocks of all descriptions, tackling any issues quickly and pragmatically as they arise and allowing you the peace of mind that comes with our hands-on approach.

If you have a block for which you'd like to hand over a large chunk of the day to day admin or upkeep, then Morgan Randall are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Whether as a managers or mediators, we take the stress out of residential blocks.

Painting. Decorating. Plumbing. Refurbishing.

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