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Residential lettings are big business in London

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As you'll know, residential lettings are big business in London and if you're investing in residential property then we're sure that you'll find it worthwhile.

What people often don't remember, however, is that there is more to London residential property management than simply buying a house and finding a suitable tenant. Everything from gas certificates, tax summaries, inventories and regular inspections need to be taken care of on time and with significant care: whether you're a London landlord or an overseas landlord, Morgan Randall are here to help.


We offer two varieties of London property management and London property portfolio management.

The first is aimed at landlords, whether they let with us or not, who wish to benefit from our peerless industry knowledge and experience in the management and maintenance of their property.

With dedicated managers who will handle the day-to-day admin of a building, as well as contractors and maintenance staff across London who are just as quickly on hand to help, this is a perfect package for those landlords who may require assistance, but are also able to take care of some aspects of the letting themselves.

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Our Premium Managed Package allows for a more hands-off approach on behalf of the landlord, in which Morgan Randall will take care of an all-encompassing range of services, including but not limited to the likes of inspections, vacant property management, gas safety checks, tenancy agreements, end of year tax summaries and inventories.

This package handles all legal requirements for the setting up of a property and is a superb option for those who may be out of London for extended periods, leaving you only to deal with upkeep and maintenance.

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Both of these superb services benefit from our expert knowledge as well as the functionality of our site: our online reporting tool for London tenants allows for them to quickly and easily report any issues to us at any time. This ensures not only their safety, but the due diligence that comes with precisely logged information on the issue and its nature. This, coupled with the expertise that Morgan Randall brings to all of its work, allows for the utmost in convenience for both landlord and tenant - something that is indicative of the thorough, excellent service that you will receive.

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