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If you own a property, you'll know the difficulties
of managing it first hand...

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From day to day maintenance, insurance, rent issues or interactions with the local community, property management is often a full-time job and few landlords have the time to devote to such matters.

At Morgan Randall, we use our knowledge and experiences as a longstanding London estate agents to help landlords of all descriptions with their property management.

Fully Qualified

We have qualified managers with wide-ranging industry experience who are equipped to deal with any issue that may arise. These managers are experts in their fields and work with the utmost of professionalism - balancing and prioritising any problems, while ensuring that the needs of all parties are met and promoting your interests as the owner of the building.

Likewise, if you are a freeholder, we can also manage block properties for you, dealing with the upkeep of the building, maintaining insurance policies and undertaking inspections.

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In-House Team

Whether for residential property management or for business, our service benefits not only from our experienced managers but also from our in-house maintenance team.

They are on hand to help at any time, tackling any issues that may arise on your property.

Likewise, our contractors are all over London are fully insured, fully qualified and ready to assist.

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Morgan Randall's London property management services fall into
three basic categories:

Residential Property Management

Whether you have a single house or an entire portfolio, Morgan Randall can manage your property whether it was let from us or not. This includes all of the above services and is perfect for London landlords of any variety.

Non-Managed Advice Team

Our Non-Managed Advice Team enables those who have let through us to call us for assistance and advice. We're always happy to help and to lend a hand, no matter how big or small the problem. This service does not apply to our managed properties, which are catered for in other ways.

Residential Block Management

We have experienced and dedicated block managers on hand to manage buildings and blocks for freeholders. This includes a range of individual services that can drastically reduce the levels of complexity and stress in this often-complicated endeavour.

So, whatever the nature of your property or the nature of your concerns, Morgan Randall are here to help you manage it and manage them. Our property management expertise is far-reaching and we look forward to utilising it on your property.

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