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If you are considering Shoredich as a location we have all of the information that you will need to make informed decisions on the area and the style of Shoreditch properties available, as well as prices, amenities and availability. The inner city district of Shoreditch is situated in the London Borough of Hackney and in parts of Tower Hamlets and is a part of the historic East End. Haggerston and Hoxton districts are part of Shoreditch, which is close to Tower Hamlets. Shoreditch is certainly classified as Central London. Leading Shoreditch Estate Agent has a number of Shoreditch properties available for sale and rental.

Shoreditch Property Details

Interestingly, 80% of residential property in Shoreditch is made up of flats, partly perhaps because the majority of people living in Shoreditch are under 40 years old. The Tech City has partly attributed to this demographic. Property developers were gifted with opportunities to convert warehouses that were built in proliferation towards the end of the 19th Century, and some incredible Shoreditch properties were born from this concept.

Loft and Warehouse Conversions in Shoreditch

Many former factories and warehouses in Shoreditch have been or are being converted into stylish luxury apartments and homes. Split level city pads and sleek penthouse apartments are being created for high end living in Shoreditch, combining the original gritty architecture combined with contemporary fittings and style. Take a quick look at

Life In Shoreditch

Shoreditch has such a wealth and diversity of shops, pubs bars and hotels unrivalled across The City. The variety of dining is as far ranging as the most adventurous palte could ever desire. Visit Brick Lane in Shoreditch to experience the Brick Lane Market for a huge selection of new and second hand household items, a variety of foodstuffs, snack and beverages from all around the World. Recommended restaurants include The Tramshed,Dishoom and Lyle's.

Student Life in Shoreditch

Students enjoy the atmosphere and edginess of Shoreditch, and are well served with accommodation across the whole region. Single flats, one bed loft conversions and shared accommodation serves the Shoreditch student well. Take a look at

Shoreditch has attracted property investors enjoying good returns from this East End area of London and more information about property investment opportunities can be found here

Property styles in Shoreditch

Unless you already live or work in Shoreditch, it is likely that your impression or idea of the place will have been shaped by what is said in the media or online. Yes, Shoreditch is almost a byword for hipsters or gentrification these days but this is far from the full story about what the area has to offer. Yes, you will find that the area deserves its mantle of being an urban cool destination and while the majority of property on offer is flats, this isn't the full story.

When you take on board the fact that the majority of the population in Shoreditch is under 40 years old, and that it holds a higher proportion of student, multi-person and single households than the London Borough of Hackney average, this is always going to be the case. Recent statistics indicate that 80% of the residential housing available in the Shoreditch area, the E1 postcode area, consists of flats.

There are many different types of flats in the world though and Shoreditch is able to offer some of the coolest and most desirable flats, lofts and warehouse conversions outside of New York City. This isn't because of the people who are flocking to this area; it is more to do with the fact that the available housing and property provides the platform to create cool areas. There is a strong sense of industrial heritage in this part of London. The late 1800s and early 1900s saw a huge rise in the developments of warehouses in the east of London.

The 1990s saw a big change in Shoreditch

In the 1990s, these warehouses and lofts were converted, and they were snapped up by the art crowd who were looking for affordable studio and living space. It is this that drove the change in Shoreditch the most and it looks as though the demand and desire for warehouse conversions is still ongoing.

A lot of recent development work has looked to build on the traditional style of the area, taking cues from the industrial era. This means that exposed brickwork is a staple in many recent Shoreditch developments whole open plan areas and large windows are common features too.

It isn't just about converted loft space though; there has been a rise in one and two bedroom developments in the area as well. There is also the fact that while the changes in Shoreditch have set trends and created a blueprint, the sprawl of Canary Wharf is also impacting on Shoreditch.

This leads to a culture clash, creating an area where the artistic meets the financial markets. There will be people and families with money who have significant funds to invest in property but who want something cooler or with an edge and the property developments in Bishopsgate Goodsyard is a fantastic example of where these people are looking to buy property. With two towers climbing beyond 40 storeys, there have been complaints that the charm of Shoreditch will be lost with these projects, and even the Mayor of Hackney raised concerns about losing what has made Shoreditch special. However, the demand for property in the area is such that these properties will sell well. It is only in the long run that we can tell if there is any notable impact on the area but you would think that people looking to buy in Shoreditch also want to buy into Shoreditch, its ethos and what it offers. This is why there is confidence amongst property specialists that what has made Shoreditch special will still remain even if new developments change the look of the area.

Shoreditch is a unique place in London but like so many places, it isn't far from other areas, so even if the local area cannot provide you with everything you need, you are not far from other places that offer a change of pace and scenery. For many people, Shoreditch provides the ideal base for their life and even though the nature of the area is evolving, many individuals and businesses are working hard to ensure that the spirit Shoreditch is known for remains in place.

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